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19 Juin

Accompagnements et sauces végétariennes indiennes

Many of the most widely practiced religions in India prescribe certain dietary restrictions. For example, many Hindus avoid eating beef because cows are considered sacred, while most Muslims avoid pork.

Nearly 81% of Indian adults practice some form of dietary restriction. About 40% of the country describes itself as vegetarian, one of the highest proportions in the world.

One of the biggest predictors of vegetarianism is a person’s religious beliefs. The vast majority of Jains (92%) describe themselves as vegetarians, while a small minority of Muslims and Christians (8-10%) claim the same. Hindus split the difference, with around 45% describing themselves as vegetarians.

Due to India’s wide range of religious beliefs and dietary restrictions, there is a long history of Indian chefs catering to taste buds of all persuasions.

So if you love a classic Indian meat dish but have recently become a vegetarian or are just trying to cut down on your meat intake, you’ll have no problem finding delicious vegetarian alternatives!

If you’re not sure if a dish is truly vegetarian or not, it’s best to check the ingredient label or ask the waiter if you’re dining out.

Vegetarian side dishes and sauces


There are dozens of variations of days, although each refers to the same thing – a delicious, spicy lentil (or legume) full of dense, plant-based protein, perfect for vegetarians or anyone looking to cut down on their intake of meat.

You can find dal dishes that perfectly suit your taste buds. If you like dishes with a buttery texture, then go for a dal makhani. If you want a pairing with robust flavors and incredible spices, you can’t go wrong with a dal tadka.

Whichever form of dal you choose, serve it over a bed of basmati or lemon rice for a savory side to lunch or dinner.

Rice and rice dishes

While a bed of steamed basmati rice can provide the perfect base for almost any curry under the sun, we also love lemon rice, especially when paired with our Roasted Tomato Curry with Kale and Chickpeas.

If you’re looking for a rice dish, you can’t go wrong with the Vegetable Biryani. This delicious seasoned rice dish is infused with Indian spices like cinnamon, anise and saffron, with recipes varying greatly from region to region.


With over 2000 years of history, chutney is one of India’s oldest vegetarian dishes. These mouth-watering spicy condiments condense some of your favorite flavors, like coconut, tamarind, cilantro, and mango, into a delicious dip that goes well with almost any dish.

You’ll find flavors of smoke, spice and sweetness all in one bite. The perfect chutney can elevate your favorite dishes, whether you like a crispy samosa or a tender naanwich.

Not only are they delicious, but the chutney is also vegetarian, so don’t hesitate to dive into the world of chutney!

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